Posted by: lovelea | January 1, 2012

Christmas Season 2011

This Christmas season was such a fun, busy one that I had to post some pictures before I forget to do so.  I’ll start with the day after Thanksgiving where we saw The Grinch show at the Old Globe Theater.  It was actually a very hot day.  Gavin enjoyed the show despite us being nervous he was going to be scared of the Grinch.

I went to my first Christmas get together this year with the ladies that I used to go to Bible study with.  It took us 1 hour to drive to Mission Hills because of the December Nights event.

This year, we also got to visit December Nights.  I used to still say “Christmas at the Prado” but it’s actually very different from the last and first time we visited.  It is now very commercialized and it almost just felt like a December County Fair.  We still enjoyed the lights, the food and the free entrance to the Ruben H Fleet Science Center.

We went to our annual young families group Christmas party.  We enjoyed great food, a white elephant gift exchange and the kids listened to the Christmas story from grandma Lois.

We also visited Disneyland and I’ll have a post dedicated to that trip another time.

Then that same Disneyland weekend, we drove back to SD that Saturday in time for the annual coolkada Christmas party.  It was a great time to have everyone present at the party. This will be the last time we will have more adult than kids.  Next year, we will be outnumbered.  Group photo courtesy of Patrick Bondoc.

We decorated our tree, built a gingerbread house.


Gavin sang (well, kinda) in his school Christmas program and met Santa!

These are among the things we did during the Christmas Holiday season.  I’ll be blogging about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on a separate entry.

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